Green Urea NV

Green Urea NV from Incitec Pivot Fertilisers on Vimeo.

Get better value from topdressed N

New Green Urea NV is a stable and efficient way to get extra nitrogen securely into your soil, with reduced losses through volatilisation. Green Urea has already proved its flexibility and effectiveness as an alternative to conventional granular urea.

With the new LOCKDOWN™ urease inhibitor coating, this NV formulation has increased storage stability as well as the proven potential to produce more feed than standard urea.

Less lost nitrogen

Volatilisation can cause significant N losses when urea is not incorporated by adequate rainfall, irrigation or cultivation soon after application. Green Urea NV slows the breakdown process to minimise these losses.

Flexible timing

With no need to rely on rain soon after spreading, you can time the application to suit the rest of your workload.

Extra storage stability

Research has shown that Green Urea NV in 1 tonne and 25kg bags retains substantially more of its active ingredient after the first four weeks of storage than the Green Urea that was previously available.

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Green Urea NV

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